I met my cousins Anne (from Scotland) on Monday for 5 days of fun.

The Grand Canal

We had dinner reservations at The Riviera Restaurant which was highly recommended to us by a client of mine. The owner was an very interesting and quirky man who’s face lit up when he described the dishes we were going to taste. We decided on a 7 course fish tasting menu – which turned out to be 9 courses.

Best Rice cracker ever!

A variety of lightly marinated raw fish – delicious

Deconstructed fish – the tail was olives, the eye was tomato and the scales were actually deep fried fish scales.

Crab on peanuts

The best fish soup – served as a foam

Eel risotto

The squash flower who ate a fish – with spring onion – and i ate it all!

Raspberry gelato with chocolate dirt

Marscapone cream with other amazing goodies

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 1/2 hour dinner and were the last guests to leave. It was now midnight. We walked to our boat-bus stop to discover that the station was closed for the night. It took us approximately an hour to find our hotel room – and we discovered how beautiful and quiet Venice is at night.

We booked a taxi tour of the quieter side of Venice. It was beautiful.

Venice is beautiful at night when all the lights are reflecting on the canals.

The Grand Canal

Rialto Bridge

An end to a beautiful day

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