Amalfi – day 2 – get ready to cook!

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Today was the first of serveral cooking classes which would result in our lunch and some pasta to be used another day once it had a chance to dry.

Claudia making sure all the ingredients are ready
Pepi – our master chef and instructor for the week (and Claudia’s husband)
Our classroom and dining area – making Braciole, Costine e Salsicce in Ragu (Beef rolls, ribs and sausage in ragu)
Ingredients for Bocconotti – delicious filled tart dessert
Cocce pasta
Baba’ al Rhum o Limoncello (think Twinkie dipped in rum or limoncello :))

After the morning of cooking – and eating, we went down to the town of Amalfi to burn off some calories, wander around the town, do some shopping and visit an ancient paper Mill.

Typical stair case leading out of town
Miniature villages – all over town
Amalfi has a river running under it. Here is a small waterfalls at the paper mill which is needed to produce the paper.

We finished our walk with a late dinner in a restaurant perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean. A great way to end the day.

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