Amalfi – Culture Discovery – Day 1

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Culture Discovery Vacations’ goal was to introduce it’s guests to a true Italian experience, one that really exposes Italian culture in a way that cannot normally be experienced in the big tourist centres.

This week was more than a week of cooking – it was a week of “Italian living” which included a lot of cooking, eating, shopping and some site seeing.

I can honestly say that Sophie our guide, and the family (Claudia, Pepi, Philamina, Antonio, and the rest of their family), who shared the entire week with us in the beautiful villa, treated us like we were friends who came to visit them for the week. They shared their recipes, favourite restaurants, shops (shoes and linens particularly) and most importantly, their customs and traditions (like no chicken with pasta – ever!). I don’t think i am alone in saying we will be friends for life.

Up 150 steps to the pink villa – our home for the week (75 if use the lift)
Almost there!
My feet needed this!
The view from the terrace
Morning view from my room
This was our first “snack” when we arrived – don’t think we will starve all week.

We walked down to the town of Amalfi for dinner – and saw a parade.

It was a great day where I met the other 17 guests and our family for the week. Ate way too much food!

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